ComETS 2010 Symposium

Thursday, 18 Feb 2010, 8:30am – Noon, Memorial Union

The ComETS community at Iowa State University held its second symposium on Thursday, Feb. 18th 2010. It consisted of four parts:

  • Keynote by Malcolm Brown, Charting our Course: Learning for the 21st Century.

    Picture of Dr. Malcolm Brown
    Dr. Malcolm Brown (Source: EDUCAUSE)

    There are forces in play - some technical, some social, and some cultural - that are challenging the traditional paradigms of higher education. The advent of the read/write web has initiated a period of rapid and far-reaching change, with no end in sight. There is no doubt that higher education is changing and that it is in the area of teaching and learning that the change is most pronounced and happening most rapidly. In this presentation, we will look at these changes and consider their implications for our pedagogy in higher education. We will look at two areas in particular: the change in faculty and student roles and the impact of mobile technology, and will bring into relief the implications of these changes for our pedagogical practice. More about Malcom Brown on the Educause website.

  • Short "Lightning Strike" presentations from members of the ISU community. ISU faculty and instructional support staff are encouraged to share a technology project, instructional strategy, or new technology experimentation via a brief Lightning Strike.

    • Using a Digital Object Identifier - Brian Hornbuckle, Agronomy
    • The Almost Idiot-Proof Solution to Lecture Capture - Todd Vens, Brenton Center
    • Kurzweil 3000 - Can My Computer Read Me to Sleep? - Alan Vetter, IT Services
    • Building a Community of Practice Through Blogging - Scott McLeod, ELPS
    • Create and Post 2-3 Minute Topic Overview Videos - Rose Martin, FSHN
    • Course Recognition: STTAR Courses - Karly Good, CELT
    • Extreme Presentation Makeover - John Nash, ELPS and Scott Mcleod, ELPS
    • Using ISU's iTunes U and You Tube Channels - Mike Wilson, IT Services
    • Microblogging for Learning - Lesya Hassall, CELT and Janet Johnson, FSHN
    • Prezi: Presentation Software for the Non-Linear - Karly Good, CELT
    • Personal Learning Environments & Mobile Devices - Mike Wilson, IT Services
    • Information Visualization Driven Decision Making - Ryan Kirk, HCI
    • This 10 Minutes Will Save You Hours: Tricks to Managing Email in Outlook - Darrin Fischer, IT Services
    • Mobile Website Development - Nate Gordon, IT Services
    • TurningPoint AnyWhere: Clickers Without PowerPoint - Tigon Woline, CELT
  • The lightning strike presentations covered several topics of interest to the ISU community:

  • Interest group sessions:

    • Mobile devices, sites, and applications.
      • This group discussed the growing use of mobile smart devices and the new ISU mobile site.
    • Online Media.
      • This group discussed online media and the pending university RFP for lecture capture software.
  • Peer dialogs about educational technology use, national trends, campus implementations and needs.

Full symposium program.