Faculty Engagement Survey

The Faculty Engagement Strategies Survey centers on faculty engagement in terms of ‘educational technology strategies’ and aims to collect information about how different administrators, staff and faculty at different institutions engage faculty and course instructors on the topic of effective use of educational technologies inside and outside of the classroom. The hope is that by collecting information on different strategies and their effectiveness we may all be able to make better, more informed decisions on this topic.

Data is collected by sending out short monthly questionnaires on the CCUMC mailing list and three different EDUCAUSE mailing lists where a lot of educational technology professionals can be reached. The data collected each month is summarized and shared with the mailing lists.

Feel free to explore the FAQ document in the left-hand menu for more information on the survey. You may also study the results of the different survey parts, which are listed under Results.

You are welcome to contact the survey administrator Jacob E. Larsen (jlarsen@iastate.edu) if you have any questions.