Faculty Engagement Strategies Survey Information

Thank you for taking the time to look at this survey. I hope you will participate and add information about the strategies that your institution uses. Below is a list of questions that you may have about this survey, together with their answers.

What does this survey cover?

  • The survey centers on faculty engagement in terms of ‘educational technology strategies’. Based on a several interesting exchanges on different EDUCAUSE mailing lists in January 2014 a group of participants decided to try to continue the exchange of information and experiences with various strategies or methods of engaging faculty and staff. Many institutions seek to promote dialogue and events focused on technology in learning and teaching and encourage sharing and feedback from faculty and staff to help guide their future technology directions. This survey seeks to collect and organize information about this topic.
  • Please note that, while it is also important, general faculty support on issues such as pedagogy, lesson planning, publication, etc. are not within the scope of this survey.

Who is administering this survey?

  • This survey is administered by Jacob E. Larsen who is an emerging technology specialist with IT Services at Iowa State University.

How is the data collected?

  • Based on the list of strategies included in the survey a short questionnaire about a new strategy is sent out each month on the CCUMC mailing list and three different EDUCAUSE listservs. As we go along, some strategies may be added to the list if survey participants indicate interest in including something not already there. When we reach the end of the list, we start from the beginning again. This way, with the current 13 strategies in the list, the data will never be more than 14 months old.

Who can see the results?

  • The results are freely available to anyone who is a member of the mailing lists where the survey is sent out or who come across the results website. An anonymized summary of each questionnaire is sent back out to the same mailing lists where the survey is advertised. If you need more details than the summaries provide, you may contact the survey administrator.

What about confidentiality?

  • When you reply to this survey, you cannot expect your answers to remain absolutely confidential. Your name and institution is known to the survey administrator and may be shared with other people involved with analyzing the resulting data. We will, however, make all reasonable attempts to anonymize the names of the respondents in any data that is reported publicly on the survey website as well as at conference presentations.
  • Consider that, in most cases, you will only be reporting on information that is freely available to visitors on your institution’s website and which you would probably be fine to share on a listserv where your name and institution is clearly identifiable.

Who should answer this questionnaire?

  • This questionnaire is aimed at various levels of IT administrators, staff, and faculty at institutions of higher education worldwide, who are involved with faculty engagement.
  • We encourage you to evaluate those strategies that you are in immediate control of at your institution. If someone else at your institution is in a better position to evaluate a certain strategy, please consider forwarding the survey link to them.

Can I do this anonymously?

  • In each questionnaire we ask what institution you represent and for your contact information. We do this so that we have a basic measure of data validation and verification.
  • We also do this in order to enable others who may benefit from your knowledge and experience to get in touch with you and verify any information with you that they are in doubt about or have additional questions about.
  • Lastly, it helps us sort the data and prevent duplication of information, as users sometimes respond more than once to the same question.

 What if I answer a questionnaire but change my mind and don’t want my answers out there?

  • You can have your data and information excluded at any time – just email the survey administrator.

What are some of the other strategies you plan to send out questionnaires about?

  • Please see the list on this page.

Can I fill out questionnaires about the other strategies right away?

  • Regrettably, no. The reason is that if I were to make the survey links available online we would risk getting a lot of spam responses. By only administering the surveys on closed CCUMC and EDUCAUSE lists we greatly minimize the risk of this happening.

My question wasn’t answered. Who do I talk to?

  • If you have any questions please feel free to contact the survey administrator.

I am really interested and want to help out. Who do I contact?

  • If you would like to help in any way with data collection, ideas, etc. feel free to contact the survey administrator.


Survey administrator:

Jacob E. Larsen, Iowa State University (jlarsen@iastate.edu)

Updated April 2015